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Our story

The Feast Festival

With its origins dating back to the 1300s, The Feast is an important part of life in this village
that bring together new and old, business and residential to maintain a strong, creative community. The Feast is a community and religious festival with its roots deep in Haddenham's medieval past, of which the joint - Sunday Service
and Haddenham Fair are the last remnants. It seemed fitting to link celebrating modern community
life with the history of the village, bringing the old and new together.

In The Beginning.
It all began with several passionate poeple coming together with a drive
to improve the community's arts and cultural activities. That conversation overlapped with a wider debate
about the changing nature of Haddenham as a village, how new faces and places in the village might best be embraced.

The Big Idea To organise a week-long 'showcase' of the village's rich cultural life. And in doing that, explore what already goes on unnoticed and encourage new activities or ways of doing things that would help more people enjoy
the diverse arts and cultural life of the village. We want to reach more people, include new art forms and
bring creativity to new corners of Haddenham.

2019, our first year
People threw themselves into the events, workshops, concerts, gigs, competitions and exhibitions that we put on.
We reached out to new residents & those not previously involved in the community.
We supported 30 arts groups to increase community participation.
94% of participants said that it was ‘excellent, or ‘great’!
So we thought we'd do it again in 2020.

The People Doing It. A steering group organises the festival. The group is made up of local residents with a many talents between them and a uniting interest in art and Haddenham as a thriving community.

Where We Go Next.
Our story and big idea have been well received and our plan for 2021 and beyond is to establish the festival as a charity, with more poeple on the streering group. We aim to grow the number and diversity of people who take part every year and increase the variety of arts celebrated.

Please join us.... GET INVOLVED 



Run a session or workshop showcasing your art or craft. From felt making to trapeze dancing or video making, we’d love to hear from you.



If you have skills in finance, fundraising, admin or events planning, we would love to welcome you as we grow. 



Come and join a brilliant team and get involved in running events, distributing leaflets and generally making The Feast Fest happen.



We need money for The Feast 2021, if you have an idea which could raise some money, please tell us. 


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